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Manicure Monday: How Cute Is That?

Hi, hi, hi all. How you doing this fine Monday? It might just be an ordinary week for y’all but this is the final countdown for me before a certain someone comes to visit. D-5! This week can either be very long and tedious or quick and breezy. I actually don’t know which I prefer… :/

But anywho, another week, another set of manicure. Isn’t that right ladies? :) Going for another bright Spring-y shade to indulge in my thirst of color again this week. LOL. I like my darks and all but pastels and brights is where the party is at.

Last week, I had on a pastel peachy shade, keeping it in the same color range, I’m going for a coral-y shade. I also trimmed my nails shorter, kind of squaring it off a bit for that fresh look.

Manicure Monday: How Cute Is That?

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Sunday Mask: DIY Acne Face Mask & Mini This Or That Tag

DIY Acne Mask

Sunday salutation gorgeous people of WordPress (and other domains)! I apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks, this week was particularly bad. Someone special will come to visit me in another 6 days so there are certain things I had to get done. Next week doesn’t seem too bright either since Imma be engaged in A LOT of cleaning and prepping. LOL. The week after that, Imma be a tour guide – spending as much time as I can with him. :D To “compensate” for the lack of posts, I also included a quick This or That Tag at the very bottom. :P

Poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, and just about everything else caused my face to become a landmine. Pimples sprouting left and right. It’s not only gross looking, it is very uncomfortable. It’s not like I did much to prevent and treat it though. I finally have some time today so I snuck in a quick face mask, one especially for acne treatment.

Ingredients I used today are great for acne treatment. Honey is a constant ingredient in most of my DIY recipes, that is because honey has anti-inflammatory properties in them. Speaking of anti-inflammatory, green tea also has that benefits, not only that, it also is packed with antioxidants that will help with keeping the skin bright and glowing.  I also usually use sugar as a natural exfoliant to unclog pores and break up scar tissues. Last but definitely not least, apple cider vinegar can not only unclog pores, dissolve dead skin cells, treats blemishes like uneven skin tones or redness, restores natural pH of the skin and it will minimize the appearance of pores, all from the alpha hydroxyl acids present in apple cider vinegar.

So with all that said, let’s just go ahead and get our mask on!

What You Need:
– 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
– 2 teaspoons green tea
– 5 teaspoons sugar
– 1 teaspoon honey

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100 This OR That Question Tag

Why hello, hello there pretty people! Who else jumped out of bed this morning and TGIF?! This gal right here sure as heck did! One week and one day until my Jerk Face comes to see me! Words cannot describe how excited I am… Gaaaaahhhh!!!! :D

I finally went and got my hair cut today, first time in maybe a year? I usually just trim the ends myself at home but my hair is getting a bit out of hand so I went to get it professionally done. I forgot how nice it was to have someone wash your hair and just pamper your head. Haha. Guess what though! I don’t know what I was thinking for a few seconds and ALMOST chopped off all of my hair. Like, super, super short. I think I would be curled up into fetal position, in the corner bawling my eyes out. Thank goodness I chickened out and just got like 2 inches off. I didn’t just play it safe today, I also got side swept bangs. :) Yep, finally got bangs again. The last time I had gotten any forms of bangs was maybe 3 years ago. Change is good.

A lot of excuses as to why I don’t have any posts lined up so now I just have another tag post for y’all. This time, it’s a THIS OR THAT type tag. Y’all ready?! Let’s go!!

Coffee or tea?
Tea all the way. Too much coffee gives me massive headache.

Black and white or color?
Both. Some photos are just amazing in black and white while I prefer to live in a colorful world.

Drawings or paintings?

Dresses or skirts?
Dresses – there’s something fresh and innocent yet flirty about them.

Books or movies?
Movies, BUT, I do enjoy a good read.

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