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Manicure Monday: Easter 2015

Hi all. Monday again, the start of yet another week. Two more Mondays, D-19 days until a very BIG event is gonna happen, personal life at least. Too early too share but in all honesty, I hope it goes well. :)

So yeah, there isn’t much improvements regarding my baby cousin. Doctors are still baffled and cannot pin point just what he is infected with, is it a bacteria or a virus. Everyone is just shrugging. Sigh… my poor baby is in so much pain. :'( He cannot even lay comfortably let alone sit or walk. Poor thing has been bed ridden for the past week, for a 9 year old kid who is nor,ally active is pure torture. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it breaks my heart to see him in this condition.

I had like about 4 hours this morning before I went in with him again, and since it is Monday, I needed to quickly change up my manicure. Slight issue I remembered, luckily early on, Easter will be on Sunday. Albeit there are still ways to go until Sunday, but I will not be doing new manicures until next Monday. Soooooo, short on time with no pre-plan, I gotta think of something Eastery, and quick!

With that said, I decided on a chick and a bunny. Is that Easter enough? LOL.

Manicure Monday: Easter 2015

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Sunday Mask: Avocado

avocado apple cider vinegar

Hello all! Another Sunday has come upon us… Yay?? Haha. :P No, really though, who is ready for the upcoming week? Last week of March, well, last three days of March before we head into April.

Anyways, here is another mask recipe to pamper the face. The lack of sleep, the stress, the busy schedule all last week has not been kind to my skin. I can tell my skin is angry with me. I have never seen this many pimples appear on my face at once. Need to apologize, must apologize.

Today’s main ingredient, avocado. Albeit small and cute, avocados are rich with several B vitamins, vitamin K and also contains vitamin C and E and potassium. Not only are they delicious to consume but they also serve as a great ingredient for skincare from all of their vitamins and such. Luckily for me, avocados have been SO cheap lately. I got mine from Walmart, 7 for 99 cents. Can you believe that?


What You’ll Need:
– 1/2 Ripe Avocado
– 1 Tablespoon Honey
– 1 Teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar

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Skincare Saturday: Delicious Honey, Yogurt Mask

honey yogurt

Hello, hello everyone! I’m back…ish again. I can’t stay away for too long, y’all might forget me. :P

First of all, I would like to thank those who have asked about my cousin’s recovery and wished him well, thank you again. :) Unfortunately for the little guy, there have been no improvements and the team of doctors still is baffled with that he is infected with. I reported earlier that he was diagnosed with Kawasaki, well, even though it isn’t completely ruled out, the doctors aren’t as sure about ti anymore. Seeing him wail in pain, cry in agony and frustration is the most heartbreaking thing I have yet to endure in my 25 years… And I have witnessed some stomach churning stuff. Just… A child should not go through this traumatic experience. Just so y’all can get the gist of what this poor baby is going through, he is at a constant fever of 103, red rash all over, severe pain in the muscle, joints and skin, all of his lymph nodes and tongue are severely swollen, he cannot stomach food or drink, cannot talk, cannot even move an inch of he’ll cry out in pain.

I’ve been spending as much time as I can with him at the hospital because his brothers cannot visit him. They are both still young so their parents don’t want to put the two other at risk also. My poor baby just lays there, unable to move, missing his brothers and just so out of it. At least I know my presence comforts him a little.

With that said, y’all know how hospital rooms are, cold and dry and definitely would suck the ever moisture out of you. Even with the minimal makeup I’ve been sporting and the lathering of moisturizer, my skin is still ugly dry today. I’m home for a bit longer before going back to see him. I love seeing his little face light up when we come.

Two simple ingredients today, both super moisturizing! I honestly wanted to be very lazy and just lather my face with yogurt and call it a mask but hey, why not put in like a minute of effort and give the mask a little bit of oomph. Both yogurt and honey are very healthy skin food, very moisturizing and above all, very delicious. :P LOL.

So let’s get this mask on!

What You’ll Need:
– 2 tablespoons (plain) yogurt
– 1 tablespoon honey

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