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Manicure Monday: Thanksgiving the Turkey

Happy Monday all! D-3 until Thanksgiving!! Who else is counting down? LOL. Just thinking about the food is enough to make my mouth water… Ahhh… It’ll be so worth it though. :P

As always, Mondays are for manicures and this week is no exception. I wanted to keep the Thanksgiving theme but not be too serious about it nor go all cray-cray neither. Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, turkeys immediately jump into mind, followed by the Cornucopia and pumpkins and all that stuff afterward. But a turkey though… the one still alive and gobbling away, not the one that’s set as the centerpiece on Thanksgiving day. LOL. So that’s where I got my inspiration from. I know that turkeys do not have color tail feathers… I am actually afraid to look at a real turkey. They’re so scary and they look mean! But remembering back to elementary school, whenever this time of year rolled around, we would make turkeys using our hands, the fingers are the tail feathers and we would color them in right beautiful colors. Ahh, good times.

Without further adieu, I’ll like to introduce y’all to Thanksgiving the Turkey and all his bright tail feathers. Haha. Gobble, gobble.

Manicure Monday: Thanksgiving the Turkey


He looks like a deer in headlights all shocked and wide eyes. Haha. I totally did not mean to do that. I am not complaining though, I think it adds character to Thanksgiving the Turkey. :D

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Sunday Mask: DIY Green Tea Scrub

green tea sugar honey

Heeeeeey all! How has your weekend been?

I woke up super late today and so most of my day is wasted. I had a lot of salty and junk food last night so when I woke up this morning, my face was kinda puffy. That wasn’t the main concern as the puffiness will subside within an hour or so. My face however was so oily… The most oil I’ve seen, possibly ever.

Extreme oiliness can cause a lot of problems if I do not take care of it ASAP. I need something to rid the oil and cleanse my pores. And that’s exactly what I did, whipped up a simple scrub to help move things along.


What you’ll need:
- 2 tablespoons brewed green tea
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 1 tablespoon honey

What to do:
- Brew some green tea as you normally would, bag or loose leaves
- Wait until the tea is completely brewed
- Pour 2 tablespoons of tea into a bowl and let cool
- Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix
- Mix in the 1 tablespoon of honey
- Give the scrub a final stir

How to use it:
- Use clean fingers to scoop the scrub up and apply to the face
- Massage scrub in a circular motion
- Rub for about a minute or so
- Rinse with cold water and pat to dry

After using this scrub, my entire face was refreshed and feels a lot lighter. No matter what, I will not wear any makeup for rest of the weekend. My skin seriously needs to breathe.

Thank you for joining me again guys and thanks for reading. Please come back soon. :)


Today’s Make Up: Fairytale

Happy, happy, happy Saturday everyone! How are y’all doing this fine Saturday? I am doing well, besides the fact that my fingers might be a little stiff and frozen. Haha. My poor phalanges are taking the abuse whilst the rest of me are bundled up. Maybe it’s just me, but my hands and feet are usually the first body parts to be cold, and the last to be warmed up. It takes forever to warm them up, which is frustrating. Cold feet is no laughing matter. LOL.

Although it is Saturday, no family gathering today. We are saving that for next week. As for this week, we all have our own ish to do. For me, I have to take those new Arizona residents around so they can pick up things for for their house to make it homely. I usually like to spend my weekend lounging around being lazy but it is quite nice to be productive on the weekend. Let’s not make it a habit though. :P

The mess below are products on the face today. My makeup nowadays are very similar day to day. I’ve been too lazy to be experimental… I know that’s bad to say. I did however, messed around with the eye makeup today using a palette that has not seen light since a while ago. Haha.

Today's Make Up: Fairytale

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