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Today’s Make Up: Fairytale

Happy, happy, happy Saturday everyone! How are y’all doing this fine Saturday? I am doing well, besides the fact that my fingers might be a little stiff and frozen. Haha. My poor phalanges are taking the abuse whilst the rest of me are bundled up. Maybe it’s just me, but my hands and feet are usually the first body parts to be cold, and the last to be warmed up. It takes forever to warm them up, which is frustrating. Cold feet is no laughing matter. LOL.

Although it is Saturday, no family gathering today. We are saving that for next week. As for this week, we all have our own ish to do. For me, I have to take those new Arizona residents around so they can pick up things for for their house to make it homely. I usually like to spend my weekend lounging around being lazy but it is quite nice to be productive on the weekend. Let’s not make it a habit though. :P

The mess below are products on the face today. My makeup nowadays are very similar day to day. I’ve been too lazy to be experimental… I know that’s bad to say. I did however, messed around with the eye makeup today using a palette that has not seen light since a while ago. Haha.

Today's Make Up: Fairytale

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Today’s Make Up: “Blushing Rose” Of “Sultry”

Happy Friday all! Raise your hands if any of you is TGIFing with me!! Haha. As of today, we are six days away from Thanksgiving. Who is excited?! Everyone? Okay, good, I thought I was alone. LOL.

I motivated myself to run, run, run yesterday. That motivation was still lingering today as I started out my morning with a quick jog around the neighborhood because it was such a beautiful morning. I luckily got home in the neck of time before dark clouds started rolling in and the wind started picking up. Since then, my day has been smooth sailing, even with all the errands I had to run.

I have a slight headache and cramp at the moment but it’s not enough to ruin my day… yet. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.

Any who, pulled out my Lorac Pro palette that’s been neglected for god knows how long. I still need to get my hands on the Lorac Mega Pro but I can do without it for now. It is definitely on my Christmas wishlist. :P

Today's Make Up: "Blushing Rose" Of "Sultry"

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Today’s Make Up: “Little Miss Thing” Consumed By “Wanderlust” In Search Of A “Sparkling Romance”

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re all having a delightful day. I spent the majority of the day out, running errands with the family friends that recently moved from Canada. Being stuck at a bunch of government places like the DMV all day is NOT fun… :/ But we did have quite a fun lunch. I’m glad I have two more people around my age to be friends with around here.

One week from today will be Thanksgiving. So close yet so far. I gotta run, run, run to prepare for the weight gain next week. Haha. It’ll be definitely worth it with all the Thanksgiving-Asian fusion food. Ugh.. mouth is watering just thinking about it already.

Various shades of plums and berries on the face today. I seriously cannot get over how beautiful plums and berries are in these months. Obsessed!

Today's Make Up: "Little Miss Thing" Consumed By "Wanderlust" In Search Of A "Sparkling Romance"


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