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Today’s Make Up: Wednesday Brights

Heeeey allll! Happy Hump, Hump, Hump Day! Jeez, that sounds kinda wrong. Haha. :P

It was such a long night for me last night. I cramped so bad I could not sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. When I was able to fall asleep, the power went out, which is really, really odd. Where I live in Arizona, we do not get power outage at all, maybe once every two or three years during  really bad thunder storms, not in the middle of a bright, clear, sunny day. It was only out for probably an hour but the house got so hot without the A/C I could not sleep it off. When it finally turned back on, I fell asleep for about 20 minutes before the alarm rung for me to get up. Hooooorible night, lack of sleep, cramping, slight headache yet I am oddly in a good mood.

I was in such a great mood this morning that  instead of my usual simple, natural makeup, I opted for brighter colors to match my mood. Nothing over the top, nothing too extravagantly fancy, just more colors than what I’ll usually wear.

Today's Make Up: Wednesday Brights

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in Hidden Agenda 
ELF Mineral Blemish Powder in Clear

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in A Regular At The Factory
Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

Benefit Cha Cha Tint
NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Thank you for dropping by to visit and thank you for reading. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it. Please come back soon! :)



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Sephora by OPI Mini-Haul – Hautelook Order

Hi everyone! How has your Tuesday been?

I think I figured out why I was so sluggish yesterday. Uncle TOM and Aunt DOTTY came to visit! I usually don’t get cramps, not one bit, not at all. They just come and go within a week. But this time, I’ve been cramping all morning and it’s barely day one. I think I’m gonna cry… Needless to say, I’m not having a less than pleasant day.

So a couple of weeks ago, Sephora by OPI was featured on Hautelook again, I could not raesist and placed another order. This time, I bought twelve, but only eleven has arrived safely. I’m not quite sure what happened to the last one, but I’ll wait a couple more days until I contact them.

I don’t remember how much these are originally priced at, but I got all of these for $3 each. It’s still a little pricey for nail colors but I guess I shouldn’t complain since they are high end and the quality is amazing!

Sephora by OPI Mini-Haul - Hautelook Order

TOP (left to right): Casting Call, Domestic Goddess, Iris I Was Thinner, Just A Little Dangerous, On Stage, What ABroadBOTTOM (left to right): Cover Me In Petals, Go With The Flow-er, How Cute Is That?, IM Beauty, Three Way Mirror 

As you can probably see, I got mostly shades of purple. I think purple compliments my skin tone well and they’re quite a sight to see when applied. As much as I adore the purple shades, I couldn’t resist the brights. So yesterday, I did my manicure in those brights you see there which I ended up calling Fiery Passion.

These Sephora by OPIs can and will last up to a week even without a top coat. I have tried it before and it has not let me down anytime. The application makes me not dread doing my nails as it was very quick and effortless.

If you’re interested in picking these up, they’re usually up on Hautelook on Mondays for their #ManiMonday event. If you do decide to give these a try, I recommend getting their creme formulas, one coat and you’re good to go.

Alright, hope ya’ll enjoyed checking out those beauties. I am off to go walk off my cramp. It hurts so much.

Thank you for visiting and thanks for reading. Come back soon! :)



INFINITE IS BACK! And Sunggyu is killing me a little more each time I re-watch this MV… Why is he so sexy?

JYJ coming back?! Uh, yes please!!! Junsu’s voice is to die for. Oh my gosh, this is gonna be one epic comeback. Counting the days until they drop their album and MV. Seven…and waiting.

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Manicure Monday: Fiery Passion

Hi guys! Who’s suffering from the Monday blues? *raises hand* I am! For some odd reason, I am feeling super sluggish today. I usually get up and stay up at 5 but I somehow fell back asleep until 8. Even with the extra three hours of sleep, I had a super hard time getting out of bed. When I finally rolled out of bed, I took forever to get through my morning routines. Setting foot outside wasn’t a great idea either, but it had to be done… Had to pick up a new treadmill.

I honestly think the reason why I’m so sluggish is because it’s been three days since I worked out. I was so busy all weekend that I didn’t get to exercise yet pigged out all three days. Believe it or not, working out daily really helps me stay active and energized. Thank goodness the new treadmill is set and ready to go. I can finally do some real work outs now. My old treadmill’s incline broke and the speed did not allow me to go pass four. I miss running on inclines.

Back to the order of business, I welcome you back to another Manicure Monday. To brighten up my Monday’s blue, I went with a bright, feisty, fiery color for this week. I decided to call it Fiery Passion.

Manicure Monday: Fiery Passion

Sephora by OPI Nail Color in Cover Me In Petals
Sephora by OPI Nail Color in Go With The Flow-er
Sephora by OPI Nail Color  in How Cute Is That?

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat (top pictured)

After I prepped my nails, I always paint a base coat to protect my real nails from staining. I have been using Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat. I wait until the base coat is completely dried before I continued.

For my thumbs, index fingers and pinkies, I used two thin coats of How Cute Is That? for the opaqueness. The formula is the same as before, easy to apply, no streaks, not too watery, not too thick and dries fairly quick. The smell is not too strong either.

I left my thumbs and pinkies as is, but I applied a thin coat of Go With The Flow-er on my index fingers. This took no more than a minute to be completely dried.

For my middle and ring fingers, I cut a loose leaf paper reinforcement in half and stuck it on  my hand a few times before applying it on my nails. This will give me that half moon manicure that’s all the craze right now. Depending on how far up or down you want to place it, stick it onto your nails. I did two thin coats of Cover Me In Petals and immediately pulled off the reinforcements. If you leave it on for too long, the paint will dry will wrinkle when pulled off. I waited for the colors to be completely dried before I applied a thin coat of Go With The Flow-er on top.

using this for papers are so ’90s

When every single nails are all dried, I used the base coat I used earlier as a top coat also. This will help prevent premature chipping and fading and hopefully will help this manicure last until next week.

The shades are so bright and Summery, I love it! What’s on your nails this week? Please share your manicures with me. I always love to see pretty nails.

Until next time, thank you for joining me again. Thank you for reading. Please come back soon! :)



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